Kudu Rust Safaris have become extremely popular amongst all Bow hunters due to the big variety and abundance of trophy game to be hunted.

Kudu Rust Safaris have highly qualified Professional Hunters that is experienced and technically competent with the advice you need for a successful African Safari.

Bow hunts are usually conducted in the ways depending on your specific situation and species hunted:

  1. Blinds
    Most of the successful hunts are done from permanently constructed blinds. These are situated 15 - 20 yards from waterholes and feeding areas. Some blinds are elevated from the ground, and others are ground blinds, depending on the terrain, sun and wind direction. These blinds are spacious and have roofs overhead. Shooting ports are adjustable to suit your personal needs Animals bagging regularly through this method are Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Zebra, Eland, Gems buck, Red Hartebeest and Warthog. 
  2. Stalking
    This method is used for the "more difficult" species or those that do not frequently visit the waterholes and feeding areas. Some concessions offer the ideal terrain for this method. Species bagged by this method are Bushbuck, Nyala, Duiker, and the species listed under "Blinds". Camouflage clothing is legal in South Africa and is highly recommended specially for walk & stalk. 
  3. Opportunity
    Often the opportunity arises whereby the hunter is dropped behind cover or downwind and the game is moved towards him by the trackers or vehicles. This can be very exciting and rewarding, but needs a lot of patience and time. Also covering a large area with a 4x4 vehicle we search for the specific trophy animal without losing valuable time walking through dead terrain. Once game has been sighted the stalk is planned and the vehicle drives off leaving the hunter and his guide in a suitable position. Any species available in an area can be bagged using this method. A hunter can also select an active game trail used by a specific trophy animal and erecting a tree stand or temporary blind.

What kind of blinds do we offer?
Most of our blinds are pit blinds, small houses constructed with the surrounded brush. They are spacious inside, usually about 8' X 8'. You shoot through vertical slats in the front of the blind. These blinds are very dark inside so you are totally concealed, with sand floors, animals won't hear your steps on the sandy floor even if they are standing just outside the windows. We also use ground blinds, elevated blinds and natural brush blinds depending on what animal you are hunting and the set up for the area.

Longbows, compound and re-curve bows can be used on Plains game. Although no regulation regarding draw weight exists it is recommended to use bows of 60lb and higher. Three or four bladed broad heads of the thunderhead type are recommended.

To import your bow into South Africa
Unlike rifle hunters, bows are currently not regulated coming into South Africa. You would simply pick up your bow at the oversized luggage area and proceed through the customs area.

Minimum Recommendations for compound bows:

Draw Weight Arrow Weight
Small Game 40 lb. 400 grain
Medium Game 70 lb. 550 grain
Big Game 80 lb. 700 grain